Monday, November 4, 2013

The Christmas Super-mini Mini Details

In the name of all that's merry and bright, the name of value, the name of gratitude, even the name of change, I am excited to share details for the Christmas Super-mini Mini Sessions!

These are super quick, super affordable, and super practical shoots. Here's the deal:

These will be done in my home studio in front of a white background. This set up will look great with bright, holiday colors, or muted, vintage inspired hues!  You receive two images, and the print release to both. You let me know if you want one family, and one of children, or two of the family. The session will only last 5 or 10 minutes. Come in, meet and greet, take your pretty pictures, and we're done!  The pictures will be available before Thanksgiving--plenty of time for you to print your cards and gifts :) Dates: November 9, and 23. Cost is $60.

Why the hugely discounted price? Normally two print releases+sitting fee would be $135. With these, we are indoors, and I'm fully editing 2 images--not 20-30 images, so I am not spending as much time on each shoot. Make sense? 

This Christmas Super-mini Mini is short and sweet, and gives you the necessities at a fab price. I've never done a mini quite like this before, so your response in booking is what I will go by in deciding to do more in the future! Ok...message on the Facebook page, or text to book!! 

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