Sunday, November 10, 2013

When Every Straw Feels Like the Last

In the last 12 months, we have built a house, moved, had a baby, an asthma diagnosis, paid $4500 in deductibles, started Kindergarten, changed flooring and paint in another house, moved again...all pretty major life events. By the grace of God, we survived them all, sanity (relatively) intact. 

But lately, y'all. Lately, the little things have been so heavy. 

The constant volume of laundry, the amount of cooking and dishes, the cleaning up after tornado-Kam, the never ending fight of handing anxiety to God, the asthma learning curve, the fear of missing something with severe asthma care, the non stop work of a photographer's Fall, the need to encourage Kyle instead of taking out frustration on him, the need to be a patient, calm momma when the mess and whines make me want to scream...all the ladies reading this know I could go on and on. 

Each little thing has been hard this week, and I feel like I'm not doing a good job...not keeping up with anything...simply not enough. I want to whine and cry just like my sweet five year old tends to do after 8:00 PM.  

My chest fills, breaths shorten,  eyes begin to well, and as the tears overflow and run down my cheek, I feel the Holy Spirit reminding me all these daily struggles are part of a big blessing. I focus.  I could be crafting, in a perfectly organized, alphabetized, bacteria--and snot--free, beautifully decorated craft room. I could get 8 hours of rest every night, and work out an hour every day. I could have dates with my hunky husband each week, and we could have friends we spent uninterrupted time with playing cards, and games. Without three kids under five, that would be my life.  

Neat, pretty, rested. 

So my emotions shift, my heart melts, and I am humbled to tears of gratitude for the blessings of my children. The blessings of a mess made by kids at play. The blessing of exhaustion due to loving sick or hungry babies through the night. The blessing of learning about health complications in my very much alive 2 year old. The blessing of an empty savings account and arms full of a baby boy. The blessing of making the few quiet moments each day with the love of my life, my partner in our adventure, special even though those moments lack any degree of extravagance. The blessing of a paying job with flexible hours, that I enjoy. 

I fail everyday. God redeems and forgives me, and picks me up as I try again. I will keep reaching, crying out to Him, because these blessings revolve around Him, and NOT my work or ability. 

He must increase, but I must decrease. John 3:30

Simply, what do I want in my life? I want my family. I want joyful Children, and a full marriage. I want a grateful spirit. I want more than organization, success, and outer perfection! It begins--and never ends--with a chasing after Christ. 

So, I will continue to pursue, mind and body weary, because true joy and peace comes only from Him. 

Can you pray for me today? Can you tell me how I can pray for you? Can we come together to encourage and uplift, rather than judge and compare? After all, straws CAN break our backs, but what if we weave our straws to strands, and bring our strands together to become unbreakable cords? (Ecclesiastes 4:12) None of us can master what God has for us without Him, and without the encouragement and honesty of fellow believers!  

We need Him, we need one another. Here's to teamwork. Here's to hope :)

Monday, November 4, 2013

The Christmas Super-mini Mini Details

In the name of all that's merry and bright, the name of value, the name of gratitude, even the name of change, I am excited to share details for the Christmas Super-mini Mini Sessions!

These are super quick, super affordable, and super practical shoots. Here's the deal:

These will be done in my home studio in front of a white background. This set up will look great with bright, holiday colors, or muted, vintage inspired hues!  You receive two images, and the print release to both. You let me know if you want one family, and one of children, or two of the family. The session will only last 5 or 10 minutes. Come in, meet and greet, take your pretty pictures, and we're done!  The pictures will be available before Thanksgiving--plenty of time for you to print your cards and gifts :) Dates: November 9, and 23. Cost is $60.

Why the hugely discounted price? Normally two print releases+sitting fee would be $135. With these, we are indoors, and I'm fully editing 2 images--not 20-30 images, so I am not spending as much time on each shoot. Make sense? 

This Christmas Super-mini Mini is short and sweet, and gives you the necessities at a fab price. I've never done a mini quite like this before, so your response in booking is what I will go by in deciding to do more in the future! Ok...message on the Facebook page, or text to book!! 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

22 Lou Give Away

I am SO excited about this new shop in Paragould. don't understand...I am extremely, immensely, 1000% excited!

Somehow, despite the down economy, boutiques seem to be popping up everywhere.  I think it's pretty great, because I appreciate small businesses (ya know...since I own one), but with all the inventory, how can a brand new shop stand out...and cause so much excitement?


When Elisa first contacted me about doing a shoot for her new boutique, I was hesitant.  It's not what I normally do, and I didn't know if our style and taste would match.  I'm so happy I didn't just say, "No, I'm sorry, that's not what I do.  I shoot babies."  Elisa is very welcoming, and we learned that we approach our businesses similarly; keep the quality high, prices manageable, and the style fresh.  I'm glad to be a part of this store in a small way, and I'm very hopeful that 22 Lou is a smash in Paragould.

22 Lou (located across from Brick Oven in Paragould) sells clothing, accessories, jewelry, housewares, even bath products.  The sweet sisters behind this gem of a boutique strive not only to provide quality, stylish items at affordable prices (no clothing over $50, jeans as low as $28), but also do their best to support local vendors. They like to use designers from the Natural State, and artists from the area for as many needs as possible.  Who doesn't appreciate people who try to keep business local? :)

22 Lou opens Friday, September 20th.  Come check it out!  

In the meantime, let me give you an idea of why 22 Lou is so great...Give away details at the bottom of this post :)

Seriously..what would Johnny do?  (throw pillow, vintage record player as decoration, wide variety of scarfs, teacups, throw pillow, picture frame)

A little bit of everything (boot socks, housewares display, candle sticks, top, 22 Lou necklace, soaps, headbands made by a Jonesboro crafter, top)

Have to share this, as well....  It turns out that our families go WAY back.  The lady in the middle of this Golden Tones album is my grandmother, and Elisa's aunt and  uncle are on the right!  Pretty neat :)

22 Lou/Kathryn Richey Photos Give Away
$30 Gift Certificate to 22 Lou
$30 Gift Certificate to Kathryn Richey Photos

Drawing Friday, September 27th

To enter:
1) Like 22 Lou's Facebook Page
2) Like Kathryn Richey Photos' Facebook Page
3) Share 22 Lou's post to this article
4) Come by 22 Lou, and tell Elisa or Ali you liked, shared, and want to enter the Give Away drawing
Winner* will be announced Friday the 27th!

*Upon drawing a name, we will check to ensure the contestant "likes" both Facebook pages, and shared the link :)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

25 FREE Christmas Cards for Fall Family Sessions!

In our world of social media, digital everything, and constant text/Facebook/E-mail messages, how exciting is it to actually receive a piece of mail with a hand written address?  I know I always get ancy to see what's inside!  With Christmas coming up, we all have the perfect excuse to brighten the day of someone we love with a hand written address on the envelope holding a card with a Christmas greeting, and pictures of our smiling families!

I'm doing my part to make that easier than ever ;)

Every single Fall Family Session done in 2013 will receive 25 custom Christmas cards for NO CHARGE :)  You can always order more if you have a jumbo family, like me.  These aren't just your everyday cards ma'am!

These cards are heavy card stock and come in pearl, linen, felt, or classic paper finishes.  The cards are front and back, and include a foil lined envelope.

Here's our card front from 2012...

...and I can honestly say, each person I sent this to made sure to tell me how much they appreciated it, and most put it up in the house long after Christmas passed!

Simple gestures can mean so much :)  Journey over to the pricing page, then send me an email or Facebook message, and get on the schedule to enjoy your family portrait session experience!

Pricing Page

Here are the details on making your session a reality!  To book, the $60 session fee is due and can be paid by card, check, or PayPal.  When it is your time in the spotlight--your session--a portrait deposit in the amount of $100 is due, and is fully applied to whatever you order.  Proofs are made available in an online album 2-3 weeks after the shoot, and your order and payment are due 2 weeks after the proof album is opened.  Order sessions are available for those who have any trouble deciding what their bare walls need! The minimum order is $150, and can be paid by card, cash, check or PayPal.  Have more questions?  Email me at or send a Facebook message! 

Thanks for the interest!  Hope to work with you soon!

See examples of the following grouping packages on my Pinterest Board (and don't forget to follow me!). Direct link here.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Darius | 1 Year

Mr. Darius came to see me, and stole my heart!  We had so much fun...he made me excited for my little man to be this big!  Enjoy!


Anna + Tracy 2013

These. Girls.
I have been shooting them since I began my business, and every year they return with more personality, more smiles, and more of that thick beautiful hair!  I so enjoy these two little ladies :)