I'm a daughter of Christ, wife to a generous, patient husband, and mother to two stunning and occasionally precocious daughters.  I do my best to be grateful, but I still have days where I seem to constantly complain. People pay me to capture moments of their children and family, which is pretty great.  Here's a recent example of my work...my daughters...

About the Blog
What is so non-traditional about me as a mom?  There are so many perceptions of tradition, so to some I may seem like the poster mom for traditional living.  To others, the fact we sometimes eat fast food, I don't have a 100% green (or clean for that matter) home, and I own a small business, leaves me falling short in my motherly duties.  To me, The Non-Traditional Mom simply means I'm making my own way.  I don't follow one parenting book, or subscribe to one ideology.  I can't even decide between stay-at-home and working mom!  I'm somewhere in between.  I love the retro model of the mom who stays home and takes care of everything, in full make-up and heels, but that's not me.  I love the working mom who is uber organized and able to conquer being a mom, wife, and success at work all on 4 hours of sleep, but that's not me either.  I work some, I take care of my girls a lot, I cook some, I order some, and I try {I fail often, but, oh, how I try} to keep a tidy house.

I'm not claiming to provide new ideas weekly for every portion of your life.  I'm not promising my grammar and spelling will always be spot-on.  I know the heart felt posts, may leave your heart cold and disappointed.  I'm just sharing some aspects of my life, and hoping someone finds something useful at some point!

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Life & Times - Parties, Vacations, School Days, just our family life.  Again, if this section bores you, feel free to skip it.  But know you will miss my beautiful daughters ;)
House a Home - We are building, and this section will have projects, design ideas, DIY projects, Holiday decor, landscaping, all things home.
Photography - Previews from all my sessions will be shown here.  Also posts on details, policies, and questions for the photographer.
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